Playing it safe

Electricity related accidents can occur anywhere and anytime a person or conductor interrupts the flow of the current, providing it a path to the ground.  Most of the time, using common sense and extra caution around electricity will prevent these types of accidents.

Look Up

Most accidents associated with electricity occur when someone comes into contact with overhead power lines. That’s why you must always be aware of your proximity to such lines, especially when lifting or moving tall or long objects such as rain gutters, TV antennas, irrigation pipes and ladders. These types of objects can conduct electricity through your body as it moves towards the ground. Another important tip; never fly kites around power lines.

Call before you dig.

Digging into underground power lines is just as dangerous as coming into contact with an overhead line. While these underground lines are insulated they are not designed to resist a shovel or backhoe blades.  Digging into the underground lines can sever the line, causing expensive damage as well as the problems of interrupted power service.