Dear Members:

At the direction of the Board, WOEC will increase its rates on electric consumption effective 1 January, 2022 and 1 July, 2022. These rates will take effect in the bills issued in February 2022 and August 2022.

The January and July bills each will increase the Base Charge by $3.50, so that our base charge will be $53 starting in August. The Energy charge will increase by ¼ cent ($0.0025) starting in January. The July increase, reflected in the August bill, will be for the Patronage Capital Retirement Fund.

The Base Charge for Class 1 Residential will increase by $3.50 to $49.50 a month in January and to $53.00 in July. The Block 1 rate will be $0.16680 per kWh and Block 2 (above 1500 kWh in the month) will be $0.13160 in January. This will increase to $0.16930 (Block 1) and $0.13160 (Block 2) in July 2022.

The average residential member using 1021 kWh per month would expect to see a $5.66% increase amounting to $12.11/month in July. This includes the new base rate increase and new power kWh increase.

Small and large commercial base rates also have a base charge increase of $3.50 in both January and July, to $61.00 and $118.00. The Small Commercial Block 1 rate will be $0.17110 and the Block 2 rate will be $0.14770 in January and to $0.17360 and $0.15020 in July. Large commercial rates will be $0.15210 and $0.10110 in January and $0.15460 and $0.10360 in July.

Rural Electric Cooperatives work on a cost basis; we charge just what it costs us to provide the service. As our costs changes the price that we charge should also change.