16 December 2020

Dear Members

At the direction of the Board, WOEC will increase its rates on Electric consumption effective 1 January 2021. These rates will be included in the Bills issued in February 2021.

The Base Charge for Class 1 Residential will increase by $4.00 to $46.00 a month. The Distribution charge will also increase by 0.6 cent per kWh.

The Block 1 rate will be $0.16430 per kWh and Block 2 (above 1500 kWh in the month) will be $0.12910.  The average Residential member using 980 kWh per month would expect to see a 5.10% increase amounting to $9.88/month.

Small and large commercial base rates also have a base charge increase of $4.00, to $54.00 and $111.00. The Small Commercial Block 1 rate will be $0.16860 and the Block 2 rate will be $0.14520. Large commercial rates will be $0.14960 and $0.09860.

Rural Electric Cooperatives work on a cost basis; we charge just what it costs us to provide the service.  As our costs changes the price that we charge should also change.