At the direction of the Board, WOEC will increase its rates on Electric consumption effective 1 July 2018. These rates will be included in the Bills issued in August.

The Base Charge for Class 1 Residential will increase by $3.00 to $42.00 a month. The Distribution charge will also increase by 1⁄4 cent per kWh (0.0025/kWh).

There will be an additional increase of $0.0027/kWh increase to all classes. The revenues generated by this general increase will be used to fund a Patronage Capital Retirement Fund. This will allow us to retire and pay the patronage capital still owing from 1970 forward. It will be at the Boards sole discretion as to when such general retirements shall be paid.

The total increase to Residential Members will be $0.0052 per kWh. The Block 1 rate will be $0.15450 per kWh and Block 2 (above 1500 kWh in the month) will be $0.11930.

Small and large commercial base rates will remain the same. The Small Commercial Block 1 rate will be $0.15880 and the Block 2 rate will be $0.13540. Large commercial rates will be $0.13980 and $0.08880.

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