Does WOEC need to perform a pre-audit and post-inspection for the energy efficiency upgrades?

It depends. Audits are required on some things such as insulation and windows. Audits are NOT required on things such as ductless heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.


How do I schedule my pre-audit and post-inspection?

Call 1-888-883-9879 to schedule.


Is there a fee for the pre-audit or post-inspection?

There is no cost to WOEC members.


Do I need to be home during the pre-audit and post-inspection?

Provided the inspector has outside access to all areas you plan to upgrade, you do not need to be home.


Should I schedule a pre-audit every time I plan an energy efficiency upgrade to my home?

No, that is not necessary. The WOEC Field Technician will perform a one-time pre-audit to determine your home’s condition before energy efficiency upgrades are made.  WOEC keeps pre-audit results on file for future reference.


Do I need to schedule a post-inspection after every new energy efficiency upgrade to my home?

Yes, you will need to schedule a post-inspection every time you submit a Rebate Application for new upgrades.


Can I install insulation or windows myself?

Yes.  However, all energy efficiency upgrades must be installed according to WOEC program specifications.


Do all of my windows need to be upgraded at once, or can I upgrade a few now and more later?

It’s your choice. You can replace a few windows at a time or all at once.


Can I enlarge my windows and be eligible for rebates?

Sorry, but windows that are enlarged do not qualify for rebates.


Does WOEC have a loan program?

No.  Check with your local bank or lender for loan programs.


When will I receive my rebate?

Typically 8–10 weeks after your post-inspection (as required, based on energy efficiency upgrade type) and WOEC has received all complete rebate documents.

For additional questions regarding the West Oregon Electric Cooperative Rebate Program, please call our rebate specialists at 1-888-883-9879.


PTCS contractors in the WOEC

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