West Oregon Electric Cooperative is currently not accepting new net-metering applications at this time. If WOEC does start accepting applications, we will link the necessary forms below.

There are limitations to WOEC’s NET Metering program. Please contact our Engineering/Operations department at 503-429-3021 prior to any installation. Your are responsible for any installation that is not per-approved by WOEC.

Net metering is a policy that allows people and their facilities that generate their own electricity from solar power to get credit for the energy they provide to their communities. Solar energy is pretty powerful and solar systems tend to produce more electricity than any one customer can consume each day. The extra electricity made by the solar system then goes onto the electric grid and is used by the customer’s neighbors. As a result, when one customer in a neighborhood goes solar, the entire neighborhood ends up using solar electricity as well. Net Metering will give you credit for the electricity your solar system created above and beyond what you could use.

How to get started with Net Metering

Please contact our Engineering/Operations department at 503-429-3021 for a copy of our Net Metering policy and agreement.

  • Following approval from WOEC, complete the Net Metering Agreement, then pick a contractor for the installation. The Oregon Office of Energy’s website lists qualified contractors for state tax credit incentives. You can find it at http://egov.oregon.gov/ENERGY/
  • Once your generation equipment is installed and you have a signed copy of the final county electrical inspection notice, we will inspect and install bi-directional metering at the facility.

General Interconnection Requirements

  • Nameplate generating capacity of not more than twenty-five (25) kilowatts located on your premises
  • Facility interconnects and operates in parallel with WOEC’s existing transmission and distribution system.
  • You are responsible for the design and installation of the generation system, including engineering, design, permits, installation and wiring. You also are responsible for the costs of meeting WOEC’s interconnection requirements as outlined in the net metering agreement.
  • All equipment on your side of the delivery point shall be maintained in satisfactory operating condition and shall remain your property and responsibility.
  • You are responsible for having your net metering facility inspected and approved by the county electrical inspector confirming it meets all applicable Oregon codes.
  • Net metering facilities must not adversely affect the safety of WOEC’s personnel or the reliability and power quality of the utility system.
  • Net metering facilities must automatically disconnect from the utility system when power to the utility system is lost.
  • WOEC requires a readily accessible, lockable manual disconnect switch at the point of delivery
  • Approval for operation in parallel with the WOEC’s system must be obtained prior to the operation of any net metering system.