New Member Accounts

We welcome you to becoming a member of West Oregon Electric Cooperative,

You will need to contact our Customer Service Representatives to start service by phone (503-429-3021) or e-mail

  • Please fill out the application for service and read the terms and conditions of the Electric Service Agreement. This will need to be completed and returned with a government issue Photo ID to set up your account and start service.
  • A processing fee of $25.00 and a $1.00 membership fee will billed to your new account.
  • On new residential member accounts credit will have established.
    • A soft credit check through Online Utility Exchange will be required for identity purposes as well as to determine if an advanced payment will be required.
  • Advanced payments:
    • May be up to twice the average billing of the service account location.
    • Will be held for 12 months without interest. After 12 consecutive on time bill payments are received, the advanced payment will be applied to the account. Late bill payments will result in the 12 months starting over.
  • If the meter has been disconnected for longer than 60 days, a county inspection will be required to start service.
    • Columbia County Inspection: 503-397-7265
      • For residences within the Vernonia city limits, please call City Hall at 503-429-5291
    • Clatsop County Inspection: 503-338-3697
    • Washington County Inspection: 503-846-3470

Receipt of electric service shall mean that the receiver is a consumer of the Cooperative as the term is used herein, whether such service is based upon contract, agreement, accepted application or otherwise.

  • For additional information WOEC Service Rules & Regulations are posted to the website under the member services tab.

Contact the WOEC office to set up your membership and connect your account 503-429-3021 or 800-777-1276

Welcome to the power that makes a difference!