It was a long, cold winter, and energy bills were higher due to the extreme weather. I want to remind you that if you run into problems paying your bill, please contact us before you are disconnected. If you contact us before that happens, we have room to work with you. If you wait until after you are disconnected, those options are off the table.

Later this month, we are introducing “Power Up”—our version of rounding up your electric bill to the nearest dollar to help members who are having a difficult time paying their electric bill. You also may contribute more if you are so inclined. Details will be mailed with April bills.

Last month, I mentioned that the two storms cost the co-op around $700,000. That figure turned out to be low once all the bills came in. The total cost for the two storms was $813,000. The state of Oregon is pursuing disaster relief on the federal level. If that is approved, we stand a chance of recovering some of the January storm costs. The February storm costs did not rise to the level needed to trigger a state disaster declaration. There is no chance of any recovery for February’s storm, even though it was a more costly event for us.

Last month, we took our annual trip to Salem to discuss with our legislators the issues that ultimately will affect our cost of doing business. I am pleased to report Sen. Betsy Johnson, Rep. Deborah Boone and Rep. Brad Witt firmly support our position on issues that affect your electric bill, and are fighting on your behalf to defeat costly legislation.


Bob Perry

General Manager