It is the middle of February as I write this. On my way to work this morning, it was 20 degrees on the display board next to the credit union. When I got to the office, I received some good news that took off some of the chill of the day: We have seen a large increase in the number of members signed up to participate in the PowerUp program since we began it last year.

Thank you to those who have volunteered to round up your electric bill to the nearest dollar. It provides a wonderful opportunity for you to help your neighbors. During the next few months, we will see a lot of folks come into the office seeking help with their energy bills. It happens every year. It really is a good feeling knowing that for pennies a month, you can make a big difference to a family struggling to make ends meet.

At most it will be 99 cents, and at the least it will be 1 cent, but those pennies collectively add up to real dollars that help real people. The more members who sign up, the more members we can help.

Please call the office and let us know you would like to participate in the PowerUp program. It is just a simple check the box and it is done. What I like about the program is that my electric bill comes through rounded up every month to the nearest dollar, making for a nice, clean entry in my checkbook.


Bob Perry

General Manager