Dear Members,

Each May, we celebrate Electrical Safety Month. It’s a time we place a spotlight on ways we keep you, our members, safe. This year, we are focusing on how to keep safe after a storm rolls through.

No matter the type of weather or damage to electrical equipment and infrastructure, resulting safety hazards are generally the same. To stay safe after a major storm or natural disaster strikes, West Oregon Electric Cooperative urges you to develop a family action plan. Designate a place for everyone to meet after an event.

Map out ways to evacuate your home. Create a laminated card with emergency contact names and numbers for each family member. Consider listing a relative or friend who lives far from your community as the point of contact. If your family gets separated, that person can let others know who is safe. Don’t forget pets in your family action plan.

Many rescue shelters will not accept pets after a catastrophe, so it is important to decide beforehand where Fido or Tabby can stay for a while. It’s not hard to understand why safety remains a priority for West Oregon Electric Cooperative—working around electricity is a life-or-death situation every day for many of our employees. As a result, we work hard to instill a culture of safety that our folks can take home with them and live 24/7.

We strive to raise safety awareness among co-op members. Pledge to honor Electrical Safety Month by creating an emergency action plan for your family today. Learn more about weathering storms safely at

Bob Perry
General Manager