Since 1944 the West Oregon Electric Cooperative has been bringing power to the people in our communities who needed electricity for the homes and businesses that meant their very livelihood.

Today, we proudly still continue to build new lines to a growing membership while working to provide a practical and reliable system at the lowest cost possible.

West Oregon Electric Cooperative: What is the difference between us and other power companies?
WOEC, like all co-ops, is a private, not-for-profit organization that is owned and operated by our members; the very people in our communities that share our electric utility services. As a co-op, we operate democratically, meaning our members are able to vote for the 7 local board positions that oversee the WOEC.

Committed to our communities

The WOEC logo is now the friendly face of Willie Wirehand (© NRECA), a rural electric co-op mascot for over six decades, because we believe he is a symbol of unity and our commitment to standing up for our communities and demanding fairness, especially against the odds. All you need is look at Willie, with his light-socket head, wire frame body and electrical plug for his bottom and legs to see that although, like the WOEC, he is small, he is powered by doing what’s right for the people. To learn the history of this faithful figure, just click Willie Wiredhand.

What’s new?

Whenever energy advances and as technology evolves, we’ll feature up-to-date energy news on how it will affect our community and our members. On this website you’ll find resources for renewable power (Green Energy) and get access to the most current news magazine from industry leader, Ruralite.