04 January 2023

To Our Members:

At the direction of the Board, WOEC will increase its rates on electric consumption effective 1 January 2023. These rates will take effect in the bills issued in February 2023.

The 2023 bills each will increase the Base Charge of all classes by $2.00, The Energy charge will increase by ¼ cent ($0.0025) for all classes and blocks. This is an overall increase of 2.01%

Residential Rates will be $54.00 base charge and $0.1718 energy charge for Block 1. For the average consumption of 1,027 kWh the increase will be $4.57 or 2.02% (per month).

Rural Electric Cooperatives work on a cost basis; we charge just what it costs us to provide the service.  As our costs change, the price that we charge must also change.

We will hold a Rate Information Meeting on 24 January 2023 starting at 5:30 PM to discuss this change.  This will be an in-person meeting at the Headquarters (652 Rose Avenue, Vernonia.  Please see the Website (www.westoregon.org)  or call the office at 503-429-3021 if you have any questions.

All members are welcome to attend and to ask questions at this meeting\