Dear Members,


We successfully completed our 76th Anniversary Annual Meeting for West Oregon Electric Cooperative and our first ever virtual Annual Meeting. The meeting went very well. We were sorry we had to forgo the luncheon this year, we look forward to visiting with each of you at this event and hope we are able to do so next year.

Election results for the two Board of Director positions were as follows:

District #3: Jim Buxton
District #7: Mark Ludeman


The 2019 Election ballot requested a revision to the WOEC Bylaws. The majority vote was yes and the following revisions will be made.

Bylaw revision 1

Article III Meeting of Members

Section 3 Notice of Member Meeting

Replace “twenty-one (21)” with “forty-five (45)”.

Explanation:  This amendment allows more time for members to receive and consider Meeting agenda items and to vote by mail.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members who took the time to join us and participate in our annual meeting.

Bob Perry
General Manager