We successfully completed our 75th Anniversary Annual Meeting for West Oregon Electric Cooperative. The weather was perfect, food superb, attendance good, and the meeting went very well. There were plenty of great door prizes, thanks to our vendors for the generous donations. As this is a member owned cooperative, the comments and questions from our members are very helpful and appreciated. On behalf of the Board, Management, and Staff, we are grateful for the opportunity we had to visit with our members and hear your thoughts and comments.

Election results for the two Board of Director positions were as follows:

District #2: Mark Kaminski
District #5: Erika Paleck

The 2019 Election ballot requested two revisions to WOEC Bylaws. The majority vote was yes and the following revisions will be made.

Bylaw revision 1
Section 2 of Article VII – Non-Profit Organization, is titled Patronage Capital in Connection with Furnishing Electric Energy. This section deals with how and why patronage capital is to be accumulated, allocated, and retired. The change is the addition of a final paragraph as follows: “The Cooperative may recoup of offset any amount owed to the Cooperative by the patron or the former patron by reducing the amount of retired capital credits paid to the patron or former patron by the amount owed. This is not applicable to the active accounts with current balances.”

Bylaw Revision 2
The second amendment changes the bylaws format without substantive change. The proposal is to move the current final paragraph in Article VII Section 2 to the end of the bylaws creating new Bylaws Article XI Section 6. as follows:

Article XI. Miscellaneous
Section 6. Member – Cooperative Contract

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members who took the time to join us and participate in our annual meeting.

Bob Perry
General Manager